Session 03: Report and Launch Plan

Session 02: Research and Plan
Session 04: Assess Solution

Hi there and welcome to this session of the Review Forum project where I’m implementing a system for Cryptiquest to present content for public review. The last session was devoted to researching the solution and planning the deliverables. This session will assess the results of the solution and plan when and how to utilize/launch this thing.

Production Recap

Per the deliverables of the previous session, I needed to create a Google account and a community on Reddit (both exclusively for Cryptiquest content review). I did not need to create one for Facebook because I already created one to test document functionality. All three spaces have been created. Neither the Facebook nor Reddit spaces have members. Likewise, the Google drive is currently empty of content, but I have created folders labeled for public and private use.

Next Steps

So the next steps might seem obvious but I need to suss them out here to analyze them. My instinct is that the next step is to:

  1. Add content to the review folder.
  2. Post that content in the groups.
  3. Advertise that this review thing exists and tell people how to do it.

But I don’t have any content at the moment. I could create instructions on how reviewing works and then have people review those instructions but that seems meta, perhaps lazy even. Worse yet, it runs a risk of reviewers feeling like this is unimportant when their efforts are valued. Instead, a better option is to wait until the next time I do have content for review then do these steps. The next project is the Vision Roadmap which will definitely have content for review.

I think that’s a solid solution. In the meantime, this project will be put on hold with at least one more “assessment” task that will come after the Vision Roadmap project.

So that’s all for this project for now. I’ll see you in the next project notes, wherever that may find you.

Action Items

  1. Add an “Assess Solution” task after the Vision Roadmap project in the All Project Deliverables table.
  2. (Somehow) note that this launch sequence should happen in the Vision Roadmap project.
Session 02: Research and Plan
Session 04: Assess Solution