PM Glossary

Action Item
A task that needs to be done

A person who is close to you, who is unafraid to provide constructive criticism, and who understands what you are ultimately trying to achieve

Confidant Review
The process where confidants review drafted material

Creator Needs
The reasons that sparked the project or the problems the project is trying to solve

External Review
The process where people outside of Cryptiquest (including confidants) review the drafted material

Ideal Solution
A favored solution to the problem if all obstacles (including physics, finances, and resources) were removed

Internal Review
The process where the author reviews the drafted material

A setback, misstep, or other kind of problem that happened during the project

Announcing the finished product to the market

Market Need
The problem(s) of your target audience that the product solves

Marketing Materials
The social media posts, advertisements, newsletters or any other material used to announce your project to the target audience

The process of determining the Market Need

A neutral, measurable statement that serves to gauge the project’s success

A segment of time defined by the type of work performed towards an outcome

Project Analysis
The process of pausing production to assess whether the project plan is working

Project Goal
The high level definition of what the project is expected to produce

Project Life Cycle
The phases of a project from “kick-off” to “launch” (may include “retrospective”)

Project Limitations
Conditions that set the boundaries of the project

Project Task
A step for the project that requires effort

Project Unknowns
Parts of the project that are required to make planning decisions but are not understood

The process of committing the final draft into the media that will be used for launch

A document that reviews the result of the project, analyzes the project management process, and prescribes actions to improve future project management processes

The boundaries of the project

Second-Draft Review
The process where the second draft is reviewed by people new to the content