Session 06: Implementation

Session 05: Production

Hey there! Welcome to this session of the Review Forum project where I am establishing a system for Cryptiquest content to be reviewed. In the previous session, I created new content for Cryptiquest’s Project Management Guidelines and sent it out for review. With the review process over, I have implemented the updates in the guidelines directly on the site.

Technically, research performed during the Content Review Decision Tree project revealed I should send the content out for “Target Audience Support” and “Proofread Support”. But I’m going to forgo that for this project only because I know the content will undergo a more strict review once it’s used for the actual made-for-public how-to-manage-projects guide that’s planned for later this year.

Implementation was as simple as updating some text. There will not be an official launch of the material.

This is the final session before the Retrospective project close. See you at the Retrospective!

Session 05: Production