Session 02: Deliverables

Session 01: Project Kick-Off
Session 03: Writing the Definitions

Hey-a! Welcome to this session of the 2019 Road Map project where I’m establishing the milestones that will take Cryptiquest into a “brand realized” state. In the last session I sussed out the project’s need, goal, and objective. In this session I will establish the deliverables for this project.

To begin, here is a reminder of the goals and objectives:

Goal: Define the required milestones for brand realization. 

Objective 1: The definition will display a concise queue of projects. 
Objective 2: The definition will clearly define “brand realization”. 
Objective 3: The definition will be date-agnostic.

This seems simple: I need a definition of “brand realization” and the milestones to get there. But there’s more. I’ll need to update the company site’s road map, including body copy, and create a press release/social media barrage about it.

Here is my first crack at the deliverables:

  1. Definition of “brand realization”
  2. List of the milestones required to meet brand realization.
  3. Body copy for site.
  4. Feedback from confidants and strangers
  5. Site updated
  6. Press release and social media campaign

This looks good but I just thought of how, with the incorporation of the new Vision, Mission, and Value statements, it is probably imperative that I treat the brands as new projects to ensure they support the vision of the company. It is possible that they might need to be tweaked or perhaps they will be seen differently in light of an established vision. This is important to bring up here since new definitions may affect the definition of brand realization and/or the list of milestones.

The new brand definitions should happen before the brand realization definition. But would doing so be a separate project or a step of this project?

If I approach this as a step of this project then I run a risk of project bloat since doing so is outside the scope of this project. In fact, defining each brand may be individual projects in and of themselves since they might require their own goals and objectives.

No. This is bloating the scope too much. Instead of redefining the projects now, I will do it later – once I start working on those projects again. For now, I’ll maintain their current definitions.

Right. So that’s that. This concludes the deliverables for this project. I’ll update the All Projects Deliverables table and the next session will focus on defining “brand realization” and the milestones. See you there!

Session 01: Project Kick-Off
Session 03: Writing the Definitions