Session 03: Writing the Definitions

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Hello there and welcome to this session of the 2019 Road Map project where I am building a list of the milestones necessary to take Cryptiquest to a “brand realized” state. In the last session, I sussed out the deliverables for this project and in this session I’ll be tackling the first two: defining “brand realization” and the list of milestones that will lead to brand realization. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Defining Brand Realization

To me this seems straight forward: Brand realization is a state where each of Cryptiquest’s three brands are released. But this isn’t accurate – what about the brands need to be released and to what capacity?

Here is the current (current as of the release of this session) definition of each brand:

  1. CQ StoryHammer game system: a core set of rules for table-top role-playing games; focusing on deck-of-cards mechanics, dynamic hit-points, and completely customizable content.
  2. Imbue role-playing game: a table-top role-playing game using CQ the StoryHammer game system; based in a practical, high-magic, planetary colonization setting.
  3. Copperwealth role-playing game: a table-top role-playing game using the CQ StoryHammer game system and is based in a gritty, post-steampunk, super-villain setting.

So the answer of “what about the brands and at what capacity” question seems pretty simple: First Editions.

  1. CQ Story Hammer, First Edition
  2. Imbue, First Edition
  3. Copperwealth, First Edition

Each brand has a media product slated for early release to support the material. Here they are, listed respective the brand list:

  1. Inversion: Fletcher’s Squad story: a short story used to
  2. Tales from the Wilds podcast: a podcast that features unconnected, short stories about characters in the Imbue role-playing games.
  3. Copperwealth saga: a continuous epic story with the types of characters that appear in the Copperwealth role-playing game.

The first one, Inversion: Fletcher’s Squad, has been released (though it could go through a major edit) and the third one, Copperwealth saga, has been started but has been put on hold.

Before work on any of the First Editions or the media supplements can resume, Cryptiquest needs to generate a considerable amount of project management documentation (project management standards, marketing guide, quality matrix survey, guide to representative media, etc.).

Here is the list of milestones so far:

  1. Project Management Documentation
  2. CQ StoryHammer game system, First Edition
  3. Tales from the Wilds, First Season
  4. Imbue, First Edition
  5. Copperwealth Saga, Act I
  6. Copperwealth, First Edition

I think that takes care of this session. I’ve defined band realization and the milestones. In the next session, I will create the copy for the Road Map page on the company site. See you then!

Session 02: Deliverables
Session 04: Page Copy