Session 01: Kick-off

Session 02: Building Objectives

Hey there and welcome to the inaugural session for the Vision Road Map project to plot out the steps to get Cryptiquest to realize its vision. This session will suss out the project goal and objectives.



This project was spurred during the Compass Definition project, specifically with the line:

Perhaps, ultimately, this “current state” to “future state” comparison will show a map of milestones – a long term road map that is not based on brands but company needs.

from Compass Definitions: Session 01: Project Kick-off

Before this passage, the notes refer to trying to assess feasibility. That’s what this project is about: gauging what capabilities Cryptiquest has now vs. what capabilities are required to realize its vision. The road map reflects the new capabilities that need to be acquired in order to reach the vision.


As mentioned, a goal that drives this project is to determine Cryptiquest’s capabilities. And this is necessary in order to plot out the road map. But that’s not the only need. A more basic need is to understand Cryptiquest’s capabilities in order to properly implement measurable objectives that are feasible.

The ongoing example is that Cryptiquest desires to reach creators of all identities – including non-English speaking creators. But in its current state, Cryptiquest neither has the finances, skills, or contacts to achieve this. Creating objectives based on the capabilities of the ideal state of the company would set the current company up for failure; so the objectives need to be based on current capabilities.

Need: To gauge Cryptiquest’s current capabilities in relation to the ideal state.

Ideal Situation

Once all the research is complete, there would be a chart that shows the various gaps remaining before Cryptiquest can realize its vision. Bonus points if this chart maps out milestones or steps toward filling these gaps.

Limitations and Unknowns

  1. Is the end goal of this project suppose to be the current state of Cryptiquest, or the road map, or both? (Answer: Both, right? The current state would solve the need but the road map [minus the milestones] is just a visual representation to solve a presentation problem.)
  2. Is it possible that the steps for filling the gaps are outside the scope of this project? (Answer: Yeah, that might be like trying to plot the unknowable.)
  3. Is the assumption here is that the chart or map or whatever is based on the 9 objectives identified in the ideal state? (Answer: Yes, though some of those objectives are frustratingly not measurable at this state and will need some massaging.)
  4. Will this chart be posted to the company site? (Answer: Assuming the results aren’t somehow harmful to Cryptiquest, the chart could be put on the company site as “Vision Chart.”)

Project Scope


After conducting the research above, it seems that the goal is to create a chart of sorts that displays the comparison of “current Cryptiquest” to “ideal Cryptiquest” regarding the status of 9 attributes of the ideal state. Maybe there’s a more succinct way to state that…

Goal: To create a chart of Cryptiquest’s progress toward the ideal state.


  1. The chart shows current capabilities regarding the 9 attributes.
  2. The chart shows the ideal capabilities of the 9 attributes.
  3. The chart will be placed under the About page on the company site.


  1. Production
    • Assess and/or modify the “9 attributes” for measurability.
    • Define Cryptiquest’s current capability for each of the “9 attributes.”
    • Assess and plan presentation.
  2. Review
    • Send to confidant(s) for feedback.
    • Follow new Review Forum steps
      • Add content to the review folder.
      • Post that content in the groups.
      • Advertise that this review thing exists and tell people how to do it.
  3. Launch
    • Plan launch

Action Items

  1. Add Production, Review, and Launch deliverables to the All Project Deliverables table.
  2. Initiate Retrospective post for this project and add scope information.
  3. Rename this project “Vision Chart”.
Session 02: Building Objectives