Single Session: Project Priorities

Revisiting Compass Statement Definitions

Hey there. This semi-impromptu session is going to focus on plotting out what projects are on the docket. The current list in the “All Project Deliverable” page is a mess right now – especially when compared to the plans established during the Vision Chart project.

The list of projects that was developed during that project can be found on the company strategy page.

Let’s translate that into actual projects:

  • Project Management Guideline (in progress now)
  • “How to Create Guides”
  • “How to Create Projects”
  • “How to Brand”
  • “How to Market”
  • Project Website Upgrade
  • “How to Protect Your IP”
  • “How to Create Tools”
  • Feedback Collection System
  • “Setting Crafting Tool”
  • “Genre Crafting Tool”
  • “Character Crafting Tool”
  • “Story Crafting Tool”
  • “Equipment Crafting Tool”
  • “Conceptualization Tool”
  • “Production Tool”
  • “Packaging Tool”
  • “CQ StoryHammer Game System”
  • Crafting-to-StoryHammer Upgrade
  • “How to Create Media”
  • “How to Write Inclusively”
  • “Imbue Role-playing Game”
  • “Tales from the Wild”
  • “Copperwealth”
  • “Copperwealth Role-Playing Game”

That’s a lot of projects. Do I put all of these into the All Project Deliverables page? If not, where should they be stored? Maybe I should have a back log of projects and use the All Project Deliverables page for current projects?

That seems like a great idea. It will help to clean up the All Project Deliverables page which has remnants of old projects. I should probably research ways to make this easier on me. The project listing portion has been arduous in its current state. I think there are plugins that could make this easier and now might be the best time to research that since I’m waiting for feedback on another project.

Worst case scenario, if the research results are inconclusive then the I just create a new table of backlog projects. On the otherhand I could create the backlog of projects and clean up the deliverables and be done with it. It feels like researching would require a full “project” which is outside the scope of this single-session. I can revisit this during the site upgrade planned in the future.

Action Items

  • Create new Project List
  • Clean up “All Project Deliverables” table
  • Change “All Project Deliverables” to “Current and Past Project Deliverables”

Revisiting Compass Statement Definitions