Session 02: Objectives

Session 01: Project Kick-off
Session 03: Deliverables

Hello there and welcome to this session of the Compass Definitions project. In the last session I explored the need, limitations, and solution for this project, ultimately leading to the project goal. In this session I plan on identifying the objectives of the project and perhaps the deliverables.

To start, I’ll present the goal here to start us off:

Goal: To define a future state of Cryptiquest based on concrete and measurable terms from the compass statements.

So the end product here is a “definition”. From here, there are a few objectives that can be discerned.

Objective 1: The definition will illustrate the future state of Cryptiquest.
Objective 2: The definition will explain each term from the compass statements (vision, mission, values) in concrete and measurable terms.

That’s basically it for the goal. I will have to define what the “future state” is going to be. Like, am I talking about the point when Cryptiquest is “brand realized” or when it achieves its vision (to responsibly unlock and inspire creators of any and every identity) [which sounds less like an achievement and more like a perpetual state to strive toward]. What are the boundaries? None? I had mentioned in the last session that I should plan the future state as if resources were of no concern. Is that the actual solution? Should I paint this vision of the future as if there were absolutely no physical or logistical constraints? I could always pare it down. That seems to make the most sense.

Are there any objectives to consider regarding how (or if) this project should be presented to the public? It seems that sometimes these project start by solving a need but then when I’m done, it turns out that the presentation to the public is different than what was intended. For example, the last project that I completed started out as a “Road Map” and ended as a “Strategy” though I think that only comes into play with these “company policy” type of projects. I’ll make a note and watch out for this throughout the project.

Having said that, if I assume that this project ends with the definition of a pie-in-the-sky “future state” then how do I present that? In the last session I mentioned how this could be the final phase of the road map – is that how it should be presented? If I have a brand-realized state, then why not have a vision-realized state? Then it’s a matter of “connecting the dots” from current state to brand-realized state to vision-realized state, yes?

It sounds like this product is ultimately part of the strategy. This project is adding to the strategy. If that’s the case, how would the future state be incorporated into the currently presented strategy which shows the “brand-realized” state of Cryptiquest? Should there be two pages, one for each? Or should there be one page that defines both? Or perhaps I should focus on how the whole road map would be presented and then build & display components accordingly?

I already have the “Vision Road Map” as the next project so I’ll just focus on creating that “vision-realized” state and then post that as its own separate page with the intention of sewing all the states of Cryptiquest together in the next project.

Objective 3: This definition will be presented as its own thing on a separate page under “Strategy” on the company website.

Okay. I think that’s it. Those are the objectives. In the next session, I’ll delve into deliverables.

Action Items


Project Notes

  1. Keep an eye out for project evolution (not scope-creep) with an attempt to identify when it happens (if it happens) and if there is an opportunity to incorporate a step for that in project management documentation.

Session 01: Project Kick-off
Session 03: Deliverables