Session 05: Production Highlights

Session 04: Values
Retrospective: CQ Vision, Mission, and Value Statements

Hey there! Welcome to this session of the CQ Vision, Mission, and Value Statements project where I work to define Cryptiquest’s big picture. In the last session, I sussed out the values for Cryptiquest. Since then I was able to get feedback, implement the statements onto the company’s About page, and publish a press release.


I sent a request to family and friends to see if anyone had any experience or knowledge in these sorts of statements and I had four advisers who provided good feedback and asked some helpful questions about the project.

While I was engaged with the advisers, I also posted the statements to an online RPG forum that specializes in inclusivity. I wanted to ensure that what I wrote was acceptable and the folks there were fairly supportive and helpful. It took about two days to accumulate the feedback.

After all the feedback the results look a little different from the last session.

The Vision Statement remained the same:

Cryptiquest’s Vision:
To responsibly unlock and inspire creators of any and every identity.

The Mission Statement wen through a transformation FROM:

Cryptiquest’s Mission:
To INVENT believable worlds of inclusive fiction, to SHARE content creation tools with the world, and to MODEL corporate humanistic behavior.


Cryptiquest’s Mission:
To CREATE immersive MEDIA with inclusive fiction; to SHARE content creation TOOLS with the world; and, to MODEL corporate humanistic POLICIES for the industry.

The values have also gone through a few updates:

Cryptiquest’s Values:

  1. Inclusive, Original, Quality Content MEDIA
    1. Inclusive: Content must strive for representation while avoiding tokenism, stereotyping, and cultural appropriation.
    2. Original: Content must be unique and consistent to the world it creates.
    3. Quality: Content must be entertaining, professional, and understandable.
  2. Obtainable, Useful, Versioned TOOLS
    1. Obtainable: Tools must be freely available for any would-be creators.
    2. Refinable: Tools must be open to refinement based on feedback from users in order to increase tool effectiveness.
    3. Useful: Tools must be engineered for ease of use by the novice creator.
  3. Diverse, Human-centric, Respectable Business POLICIES
    1. Diverse-Seeking: Business must seek diversity in talent and in partnerships.
    2. Human-centric: Business must treat people as people first (regardless of relation to the business).
    3. Respectable: Business must serve as an industry role model regarding culture, conduct, and professionalism.


I added all of the statements to Cryptiquest’s About page and updated the “To-Do” list on the company’s home page. Adding these items and figuring out how to format everything took about four hours.

Press Release

The press release took some time to navigate – about five hours then an additional hour for all of the social media hubbub. I posted a message on Cryptiquest’s Facebook and Twitter channels. In addition, I updated the company bios on both of those accounts to reflect the vision.

Up Next…

This marks the end of the project so the next step is to create the retrospective. See you there!

Session 04: Values
Retrospective: CQ Vision, Mission, and Value Statements